There was always problem that I had when I went to dine because my wife is vegetarian and I am not, so it was very difficult to find a place to dine together. That’s when I thought of the idea of Groovey Bites where anybody with or without dietary restriction can come and enjoy.


This is the restaurant for those picky eaters, people on diets, people looking to dine with there friends and family that are vegan, gluten free, on a low carb diet. I am a big movie buff also, so I base Groovey Bites as a food universe. Just like Marvels Avengers where you have all these super heroes come together in one film, but also have there individual films that is how I treat Groovey Bites. Groovey Bites is the Avengers where all food items come together, so you have a few selections of burger, few selection of steak, few selection of vegan, and few selections of gluten free. Then you have Groovey Burger which will be dedicated to just Burgers, Groovey Breakfast which will be dedicated to Breakfast, Groovey Brisket, Groovey Bean and so on.

Now you can see how I vision the future as.


Which brings me to my conclusion Groovey Bites is a diverse restaurant with options for all, and in the future of branching off to few different types of restaurants. This is the first of it’s kind, and in the future look for more.

Groovey is a feeling of excitement and brings everyone together and letting us prepare their meals and save time for the most important thing, “Family Time”